Bamboo USA has joined forces with Planet Jungle™ to help protect and keep the natural resources in our farm Gaia composed of over 160,000 sq. meters of tropical rainforests and a bamboo reforestation.


Together we believe we can make a difference, a real difference. Keeping the rainforests alive and protected is a big step to battle slow down climate change and reduce the number of CO2 emissions on our atmosphere. 


If we all help and join our efforts by conserving the treasured rainforests 1 sq meter at a time we might be making the biggest difference in our lifetimes. The time is now!


The Facts:

Our world is changing. There are different facts that demonstrate us the urgency to take action. With a few simple steps we can restore, maintain and protect our natural treasures, preserve bio-diversity and even help to control this climate change avalanche that is just on our doorstep.

We must take action as we are part of the change!

Planet Jungle's ultimate goal is to conserve 1 billion square meters of tropical rainforest per year.


By participating in Planet Jungle 10/12™ project, we are locking in all the CO2 absorbed in this area and also preventing it from being used by other companies that are polluting and adding CO2 to our atmosphere. With our program we are safely storing the CO2 in our natural reserves so that it cannot be commercially used by third parties for their own economical benefits.

In addition, your donations will help preserve Colombia's vibrant habitat of the Howler Monkey, Scarlet Macaws, Tapirs, Jaguars and Poison-Dart frogs among at least 100 species on the verge of extinction!